Jesus, that’s a lot of driving.

In just three weeks time, I head out on the adventure of my lifetime. No longer able to resist the calling of my nomadic disposition, I will be taking just myself, my car, and my camera (okay fine, probably a few other essentials), across Canada and the USA to explore all the beauty they have to offer. I’ve started this blog to document the experience, share it with anyone interested in following along, and give visual proof to my mother that I haven’t disappeared to join a satanic cult. If you’re out in any part of the country that I’m heading to, let’s get a coffee! Also open to tea and the occasional beer or wine.

So please like, share, follow as you wish. I welcome your suggestions, feedback and encouragement!


10 thoughts on “Jesus, that’s a lot of driving.

  1. OMG wow your really going. thanks for all your help with Conchita’s go fund me site. of corse we are expectig you in Morrisburg.


    1. Looking forward to it Marshall! Heading to Montebello on April 15th in the morning, so likely a day or two before then – I’ll wait until you guys get settled up there, then we can figure things out.


  2. Zeljka you go girl! Will be following you on your adventure. Have fun, stay safe and know you will be sharing some great pictures!! You are a legend 🙂


  3. Have a safe trip Zelka!! I will be in LA this Thursday (April 16-19) and would love to share a glass of wine if you’re in the neighbourhood🍷


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