Antelope Slot Canyon, is something you might call the Marilyn Monroe of canyons. I must have taken a thousand photos of her curves and twists and turns. Flash floods with a force that killed eleven tourists back in 1997 are responsible for the formation of its walls. If you can’t decide between seeing the Upper or Lower Canyon, know that the Lower is just as beautiful and almost half the price. It’s less well known and therefore does not get the traffic of Upper Antelope Canyon.

I’ve seen the Grand Canyon before, but thought I’d indulge myself considering the entrance fee was included in the annual parks pass that I hold. I’ll confirm that it still has that wow factor, and it’s still crowded as ever with tourists. I scored a great picture, came within ten feet of an elk with its beautiful tree like antlers, and ate a killer burrito. All time well spent!

Meteor Crater is located east of Flagstaff, just follow the kitchy signs that read “Vehicles 50 mph speed limit, Meteors 26,000 mph”. Fifty thousand years ago, the impact of an 160 foot wide meteorite left a crater more than thirty times its size. Definitely worth a look, this is apparently the best preserved crater in the world. My camera failed to fit the almost one mile diameter of the crater in frame.

You can’t go a block without seeing a spiritual establishment of one denomination or another in Sedona. I specifically hiked the Boynton Canyon and Cathedral Rock trails in order to find an energy vortex that I’ve read about and been keen on experiencing myself. On my way up to Cathedral Rock, I asked a sweet local if he could help me find one such vortex. He said “There’s no specific place, some say if you lay your hand on the rock you can feel it.” I now know first hand that an energy vortex feels like rock.

It’s been somewhere around twenty years since I’ve seen my cousin Tony, former NFLer gone pro photographer. I had the pleasure of visiting him at his studio in Scottsdale. We chatted for a few hours and I felt incredibly inspired by the ambition of this man who started from scratch in photography and built it into a full blown successful business. The visit convinced me to dedicate more time to marketing my photography when I return home. Feels good to have some focus on my indecisive career path – thanks Tony 🙂

Third time’s a charm, California, but so were the first and second… here I come again xo.

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